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   New York Fax and Email


New York Organization Email Broadcasting, Fax Broadcasting and more.

New York Organization Fax Broadcasting and email broadcasting are perfect communication methods for associations, chambers and other organizations who want to reach current or potential members who have opted-in to receive messages.

Slingshot Technologies offers Professional New York fax and email marketing

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Slingshot’s high volume faxing and opt-in email based marketing services can help you grab your audience’s attention and send event notifications, membership confirmations, fundraising information, surveys and more – all for much less than traditional direct marketing. Slingshot can provide New York Association Email Broadcasting and Fax to Email all at a price that makes sense for your business.

New York Healthcare Email Broadcasting and more.

Sending and receiving healthcare information instantly and dependably is vital to the success of any healthcare organization. Whether you’re servicing and communicating with patients, doctors, or salespeople, Slingshot provides exceptional New York Healthcare Fax Broadcasting and reliable email broadcasting tools, so you can take care of patients and business – faster.

  • Are you sending messages to other physicians, salespeople, and other healthcare companies? Many companies employ irritating and questionable fax blasting and email blasting practices – thus hurting their own company’s reputation. Try using Slingshot’s reliable New York Healthcare Fax Broadcasts or opt-in email broadcasting. Slingshot’s Email Broadcasting Service only notifies those physicians and distributors in your opt-in distribution list about recent product and trial updates, pre-screening information and more. Send physician updates, press releases, medical newsletters, physician profiles, drug announcements, claim forms, and other important notices – all in an instant.
  • Slingshot Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is something every healthcare company needs. This technology can prompt and record the vital feedback of all patients, salespeople, and healthcare partners in a voice that makes sense for your office. Provide appointment scheduling information, patient survey voicemail systems, survey hotlines, basic question and answer surveys and more. Get valuable feedback from patients and vendors – don’t just put them on hold. Slingshot makes it easy.

New York Real Estate Email Broadcasting and more.

The real estate industry moves fast – and you need to keep up. Are you doing everything possible to be the first to reach brokers, agents, or prospective buyers? Slingshot’s dependable technology allows you to accomplish more, faster – so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

  • New York Real Estate Email Broadcasting allows you to perform opt-in bulk email marketing tasks at a fraction of the cost of standard email marketing. Other companies may use questionable email blasting practices, but Slingshot provides the tools you need for legitimate, automated email delivery which lets you quickly prepare a notification and distribute messages immediately to customers who opt-in for the service.
  • New York Fax Broadcasting lets you manage and track all your fax information in minutes. Add and delete your automated fax delivery opt-in distribution list quickly, and access your account 24/7, so you can always make changes. Once your fax broadcast has been completed, Slingshot provides detailed online reporting of the results of your campaign.
  • Fax-on-Demand from Slingshot is the element that adds a different twist to New York Real Estate Fax broadcasting. Fax-on-Demand lets you post multiple brochures, sales sheets, and home listings in your company library. Prospects and vendors simply call your dedicated 800-number and the prompts direct callers to the information they need and the document is immediately faxed to the recipient.
  • Fax to Email is another valuable tool that will help you communicate faster – especially if Email is the lifeline to your business. If you’re constantly checking email, why not streamline and have your faxes arrive there too? Slingshot Fax to Email makes it simple.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) will help guide incoming callers, providing them with information, a survey, or other outbound voice prompts or voice menus. Your organization will have a more professional appearance to outsiders, which will help you boost memberships.

Fax to Email

Slingshot’s Fax to Email service lets you eliminate the busy signals, equipment, and extra phone lines needed for traditional faxing. Now you can get your faxes sent right to your email, with reliable delivery receipts, no extra hardware or software, local and toll-free numbers, and most importantly, the convenience of receiving your faxes right in your email inbox. Fax messaging becomes much easier with Fax to Email.

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