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   Reliable, Reputable Email

"Cheap Email Blasts" - Not the same as Slingshot's affordable, reputable Email Broadcasting and Slingshot Fax Broadcasting Services.

Don’t send unsolicited "cheap email blasts." It can hurt your reputation. Slingshot provides you with the tools you need to send legitimate, opt-in high volume fax and broadcast email. If you are looking for a broadcast email company that can help take your business to a new level – choose Slingshot.


Be cautious when choosing cheap email blasting services.  Slingshot has guaranteed professional services.

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Whether your business works direct-to-consumer or business-to-business, you need to get critical messages in front of your audience, and Slingshot can help. Sure, you can hire a questionable mass faxing or cheap email marketing company or you can choose a company you can trust.  Slingshot’s reliable Broadcast Email Services will allow you to hit your target audience immediately. Send HTML email broadcasts and affordable fax broadcasts to your customers and vendors – it’s all simple with Slingshot.

Unsolicited inexpensive mass emails can be detected as spam. Unsolicited cheap web faxing is considered “junk” faxing. Slingshot specializes in providing a means for your company to send legitimate, inexpensive mass email messages and mass fax messages that are opt-in based. Meaning, your audience is expecting this information. The result is a valuable way to get your urgent message across for very little money. The costs of direct marketing services such as direct mail postcards or letters have skyrocketed – and as you know, email marketing practices have replaced the snail mail of yesteryear. Slingshot has taken legitimate high volume email broadcasting and high volume fax broadcasting to a credible and more professional level.

  • Slingshot Broadcast Email Marketing allows you to send your marketing messages in email text or HTML right from your desktop to companies or customers that requested your information. Using our Web Enabled Broadcast System (WEBS); you’ll be able to create and distribute inexpensive mass emails using Slingshot’s servers, so your servers don’t get backed up.  Don’t use cheap email marketing that will be flagged as spam. Use Slingshot to send opt-in based broadcast email messaging and you can be assured that your messages will get through.
  • Other companies may provide cheap fax blasts or junk faxing. Don’t use an unprofessional cheap fax service. Use a reputable fax service that gives you 24/7 access to your account. Use Slingshot's WEBS technology to prepare your entire campaign, upload all documents, create your messages, and manage and track all of your fax information. Slingshot allows you to add, and delete your automated fax delivery distribution list anytime. Once your high volume fax broadcast has been completed, Slingshot will provide you with detailed online reporting that explains the results of your campaign.

Why use Slingshot’s Broadcast Email Service?

Inexpensive fax broadcasts and inexpensive mass emails can become the perfect tools for businesses to send urgent messages. Some broadcast companies use questionable methods to send unsolicited advertisements.  Don’t use a random cheap fax service you can’t trust. Choose a professional broadcast email service.

You can send legitimate cheap mass faxes and legitimate cheap email marketing messages by utilizing an opt-in distribution list, or sending information to individuals or businesses that have requested your information.

Fax and Email Broadcasting are beneficial services to businesses of all sizes. Legitimate faxblasts and online fax broadcasting are simply smart marketing tools every company needs.

Direct marketing can be costly. By the time you pay an ad agency to design thousands of postcards and then pay to have them mailed, you can have a sizeable chunk of your marketing budget vanish. And finding a reputable, reliable fax blast company isn’t easy. Choose a reputable fax broadcasting service. Call Slingshot today and let us walk you through the advantages of legitimate inexpensive fax broadcasting and cheap email marketing.

Many clients prefer to use our HTML email broadcast technology because they’ll get the appearance they’re seeking to go along with a broadcast email message that works. You will get your business noticed – and you’ll be choosing a credible email broadcast company that makes email blasting and fax blasting a snap.

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