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   Enterprise Fax Broadcasting

What if you could combine the convenience, cost savings, and speed of the Internet with the communication capability of a fax machine? You can – if you choose a reliable fax broadcasting company.

Turn your everyday business tasks into business opportunities with Slingshot’s Fax Broadcasting Service. Slingshot gives you an easy way to help build and grow stronger business relationships.  Business-to-business and business-to-customer communication is made simpler through our comprehensive online fax services.

Enterprise Fax Advertising for large companies

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Communicating your message is important and fax messaging is an easy way to accomplish that goal. Direct fax marketing and fax messaging provide an easy way for you to communicate important information to your most valuable audience – your customers, members, vendors and prospects. Slingshot provides you with the tools your company needs for legitimate fax advertising and fax marketing. Use Slingshot Fax Broadcasting to reach those customers and businesses that have requested your information – keeping your company’s reputation intact.

Don’t use a random cheap fax service you can’t trust. Choose a professional. Using Slingshot’s Fax Broadcasting Service and Slingshot’s Broadcast Email Service you can send hundreds or even thousands of messages in just a few clicks.  And your messages are delivered on time, every time.

Fax messaging is the next communication vehicle in the world of direct fax marketing. Legitimate broadcast fax marketing through Slingshot is simple.

Five easy steps to using Slingshot Fax Broadcasting:

Step 1:
Set up your Slingshot Fax Broadcasting account and gain 24-hour access
Step 2:
Simply upload your documents and your opt-in distribution lists, select automated email delivery or automated fax delivery, and schedule your broadcast.
Step 3:
WEBS automatically broadcasts to each recipient
Step 4:
WEBS monitors successes and retries if necessary
Step 5:
When the broadcast is complete, you can review your detailed fax broadcast report online 24 hours a day – 7 days a week.

Slingshot’s Fax Broadcasting Service features:

  • Document personalization       
  • Custom banner options
  • Online reporting
  • Supports multiple document formats
  • Automated fax number removal service
  • Retry system
  • Per page billing
  • No set-up or membership fees
  • No additional equipment needed, only Internet access

Slingshot’s Online Fax Services are results-driven.

Legitimate fax broadcasting is a remarkable tool in corporate communications.
However, sending mass faxes at random is not the way to go. Slingshot provides reliable, legitimate online fax services, so you know you’re getting your company message out the right way.

The Slingshot Fax Broadcasting retry system maximizes readership, lowers production costs, and raises response rates higher than traditional direct mail programs. With Slingshot’s per-page billing, you only pay for completed faxes. History has proven that multiple encounters with one message promotes action, so fax broadcasting from Slingshot is a practical choice for financial success in the business of direct fax marketing.

Send information around town and around the world. The Slingshot Fax Broadcasting Service gives your business unlimited online fax capabilities.

The success of the Slingshot fax broadcasting system comes from different online fax services working together to turn out high volume faxing. The Internet is the newest office tool in successful communication strategies and fax messaging is how you begin.

iFaxing:  This latest Internet fax solution allows you to send iFaxes from any web browser or email client through a web based application program interface (API).  You can think of it as your online broadcast fax machine.  Online faxing is a highly efficient way to send bulk faxes utilizing legitimate broadcast facsimile marketing techniques.

Transactional faxes: Transactional fax service automates the process of sending variable information such as invoices, statements and forms to customers and vendors through the integration of our clients’ systems and a server based workflow application that processes inbound and outbound fax requests. It all becomes a seamless part of your business process.  Slingshot provides robust reporting which details the full accountability of each transaction processed through our system. 

Wholesale Faxes & Slingshot Partner Program: Want to offer easy-to-use tools that simplify and consolidate business communications across the board (email, fax, voice, telephony) for your customers? Our wholesale faxing partners get leading edge technology services that can be sold as individual or fully-integrated service bundles. Sell our services under the Slingshot brand or under your own name. Our “partner-friendly” portal simplifies the management of jobs, services, and accounts. If you wish to offer wholesale faxing, utilizing a fax service bureau is a smart business decision. By working with a credible, opt-in fax service bureau like Slingshot, you can provide your customers with more bandwidth for bigger requests. Online faxing is a highly efficient way to send bulk faxes utilizing a legitimate broadcast facsimile marketing technique.

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