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   Fax Broadcasting

Slingshot Fax Broadcasting lets you send your messages to businesses that are expecting your information.  Don’t use a random cheap fax service you can’t trust. Choose a professional. Using Slingshot’s Fax Broadcasting Service and Slingshot’s Broadcast Email Service you can send hundreds, thousands, or even millions of messages – in just a few clicks.

Fax broadcasting services from Slingshot Tech

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Slingshot’s Fax Broadcasting Service is affordable, instantaneous, secure, and practical for high volume, business-to-business fax broadcast deliveries. It also allows for uninterrupted contact with the clients, customers, vendors, and employees who have requested your information.

If you’re looking for a faxblast company and do not want to follow existing communication regulations, then Slingshot is not the fax broadcasting company for you. Some fax broadcasting companies may choose to send out questionable mass fax deliveries (fax blasting) at random, but Slingshot Technologies is not one of those companies.  We do not supply distribution lists, or design documents.  

Slingshot Technologies provides legitimate fax broadcasting and email broadcasting to companies communicating with customers, vendors and interested prospects who have opted-in to receive their information. 

Fax and Email Broadcasting Tools

Do you work at a newspaper, television station or a public relations firm? Are you faxing press releases one by one, consuming countless hours? Don’t use other companies who utilize questionable email blasting or fax blasting methods. Utilize legitimate communication and marketing tools – like Slingshot’s Fax Broadcasting Service and Email Broadcasting Service – professional alternatives to “junk faxing” (mass faxing) and spam emailing. Feel confident using opt-in automated email delivery and affordable, credible Web faxing of press releases, brochures, advertisements, or flyers – which can all get your company more site hits and better productivity.

Do you want to inform your customers about new products?
Try Slingshot’s Email-based Marketing. It’s an efficient, reliable, and affordable way to inform your vendors and customers about new products, services and promotions. Plus, it’s something your customers are asking for, so they’re pleased because they can rely on you – and the information you’re sending them is safely delivered right to their inbox.

Do you need something more than television, billboard, or newspaper advertisements?
Step out of the unknown and into Slingshot Fax Broadcasting. Don’t hire a questionable bulk faxing company, as some fax broadcasting companies simply send mass faxes, whether or not the audience has opted-in for this information. Slingshot only believes in the use of legitimate business-to-business fax broadcasting strategies and practices.

Do you want instant access to your company’s databases?
Slingshot’s Fax-on-Demand makes it possible for your customers to dial your dedicated toll-free number from a touch-tone phone or fax machine. By using a combination of Slingshot’s IVR and Fax Broadcasting Services, the document is delivered to their fax machines within minutes. Fax-on-Demand is the perfect solution for giving your employees, customer and vendors instant access to brochures, white papers, rate sheets and more.

Do you need a faster and more efficient way to increase your business to business communication?

Try Slingshot Online Fax Broadcasting. You need a company that provides legitimate and reliable communication tools such as Slingshot’s Fax Broadcasting Service. This means you can send your urgent messages to customers and vendors who are requesting and expecting your information. This is why Slingshot Fax Broadcasting should be a vital part of your communication strategy. It’s opt-in-based information distribution.

Slingshot Online Fax Broadcasting sends your fax message simply and directly. In just a few clicks you can upload your message through our online portal and schedule your fax broadcast.   

A Slingshot HTML Email Broadcast is another versatile way to reduce your costs. By using our online Web Enabled Broadcast System (WEBS) you can email text or HTML messages with or without attachments right from your desk. Email-based marketing can help your company get the word out.  Email broadcasting lets you communicate quickly, easily, and cost effectively.  Don’t choose a cheap email broadcasting company…instead make the right choice and use Slingshot Technologies for all of your legitimate email broadcasting needs.

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