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The fax comes in – and you don’t move a muscle.

Are your incoming faxes scattered throughout the office? A successful business depends on efficiency, which means less waste. Let Slingshot’s affordable Web fax tool become your efficient solution.

More and more executives from small to mid-sized businesses are asking, “How can I send faxes to my computer?” That’s easy. Receive your faxes online with Slingshot’s Fax to Email.

Fax-to-Email helps organize and simplify every day tasks

Receive faxes online with Slingshot's Fax-to-Email

Stop asking. Start receiving. Imagine - no more fax lines. No more fax machine. No more hassles. It’s that simple. View, forward, save and print your faxes from your computer. Slingshot’s Fax to Email Service makes business a snap. “Fax to Email” (some refer to it as “Email2Fax”) means no more wondering if the fax came through. They come in just like an Email, so any errors would be immediately displayed. It’s all right on your desktop. Slingshot Fax to Email is an affordable way for your business to boost productivity and enhance customer service immediately.

Fax to Email from Slingshot. See what it can do for your business:

  • Eliminate unnecessary fax equipment: No more fax lines or fax equipment.  Slingshot Fax to Email puts everything on your desktop – and at your fingertips, which means you’ll have a lot less downtime.
  • Eliminate the dreaded “busy signal”: When you use Fax to Email, you can receive multiple faxes at once. And since they come in as emails, there is no back-up to produce that annoying busy signal.
  • Enjoy the same convenience as E-mail: You’ll be able to view, print, save, and forward your faxes – just the way you would an Email. The difference is Slingshot Fax to Email is lightning fast.
  • Know your privacy is intact: Slingshot Fax to Email is invisible to senders and all faxes you receive are sent directly to your Email inbox, eliminating privacy concerns and meeting all compliance standards and requirements. So you know it’s safe for your business to receive even the most confidential information.
  • Toll-Free Fax to Email: Slingshot offers local and toll-free numbers. By using a toll-free fax number there are no charges incurred by the sender.

Many businesses are concerned about the cost of Fax to Email and ask, “Isn’t it expensive to have faxes sent to my computer?” NO! This is not an expensive service. In fact, if you think about all the time, money, hassle, effort and inconvenience that “old” faxing creates, Fax to Email will save you money!

Slingshot Fax to Email offers competitive, affordable pricing structures to meet the needs of individual and corporate businesses. In fact, we can set you up with just one Fax to Email box – or a thousand. We’ll make it simple for you to make the switch to better, faster technology. We also offer consolidated corporate billing.

How to get started with Slingshot Fax to Email
If you already have email, getting a Slingshot Fax to Email box is literally just click or a phone call away. Click here to sign up instantly online.  You can set up your Fax to Email account and receive your personal Slingshot fax number in just a couple of minutes. You can receive faxes via PDF or TIFF file attachment.

Click here to sign up now for Slingshot’s Fax to Email Service.

Get more information on Fax to Email solutions from Slingshot: 1.877.405.9100 or