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   Fax Broadcasting

Upload. Schedule. Launch. Save.
Turn your time sensitive business communications
into business opportunities.

We help you put “Relationship” into Customer Relationship Management. Just like any relationship, you must communicate regularly with your customers for the relationship to thrive. Fax broadcasting is the simplest way to deliver newsletters, promotions, customer alerts, announcements and other time-sensitive communications to members, customers and clients. It just takes a few clicks. With Slingshot, you send all of them over the Internet using our WEBS Broadcast Manager.

Maintain strong customer relationships with Fax Broadcasting from Slingshot Technologies

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SlingShot Fax Broadcast Features
  • Easy-to-use Web Enabled Broadcast System (WEBS)
  • Document Personalization (standard / custom headers and banner options)
  • Graphical Cover Sheets
  • Online Reporting
  • Supports Multiple Document Formats
  • Automated Fax Number Removal
  • Dynamic Retry System (Maximizes Readership)
  • Per Page Billing (Only pay for completed faxes)
  • No Set Up Fees and No Monthly Fees
WEBS – As easy as 1 – 2 – 3
Upload your documents and distribution lists, manage your database and schedule your broadcast. WEBS will automatically broadcast to each recipient, monitor successes and repeat the broadcast to any addresses/numbers that were originally undeliverable. Online reporting will help you make your future broadcasts more efficient.

A great way to stay “top-of-mind” with your customers and members. History proves that multiple encounters with the same message can promote action, so adding fax broadcasting makes practical and financial sense. And, fax broadcasting costs a fraction of traditional direct mail.
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Real Savings
No set up charges, no minimums. Fax to a hundred or to hundreds of thousands – and only pay for COMPLETED faxes.

How It Works
Using Slingshot fax services couldn’t be easier. Just set up your account and then log into WEBS to send your communications. With WEBS you have 24 hour access to upload your documents, schedule your campaign, personalize your messages and manage your targeted databases. Unlike other companies we allow you to manage your distribution list online. You can add, delete, and edit your distribution list at any time. Users have 24x7 access to our network for timely fax broadcast launches. When your fax broadcast has been completed, we automatically email you a report detailing your results.