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From document database to fax machine –
in an instant!

Get instant 24/7 access to your company brochures, price/rate sheets, sales and product information, and other frequently used documents.

The ultimate in document storage and retrieval

With this invaluable fax service, any digital document in your company library is just a phone call away. Callers simply dial your dedicated Fax-on-Demand toll-free number from any touch-tone phone or fax machine, follow the prompts, and within minutes, the documents arrive at the caller’s fax machine.

Send out Faxes on Demand just by picking up the phone!

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Slingshot Fax-on-Demand Features
  • Choice of file formats
  • Unlimited document storage
  • Inventory monitoring and updating
  • Easy one-line voice/fax technology
  • Voice descriptions
  • Call-backs to fax machines
  • Unlimited menu levels
  • Dynamic Retry System
  • Automatic document update
  • Monthly reports for tracking document popularity
Increase sales and respond immediately to leads.
Put critical information at your salesperson’s fingertips - literally. Any digitized document can be summoned to any fax machine anytime. Just call for it. With Slingshot, your customers and prospects can access the product, support or financial information they need to make decisions and stay on schedule.

Documents at your fingertips – literally!
  • Forms
  • Brochures
  • Pricing
  • Statements
  • Newsletters
  • Company or Product Updates
  • Sales leads and information
  • Product or Service Descriptions
Low monthly fees make it easy to choose Slingshot.
Outsourcing to Slingshot’s Fax-on-Demand service saves money and optimizes human resources by eliminating the time and supply costs associated with taking orders and mailing paper documents. Instead of purchasing new software, hardware, or phone lines - leave it to us. We’ve made the investment so you don’t have to.