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The end of the fax machine is here.

Imagine eliminating your fax lines, your fax machine and all of your fax supplies. With Slingshot, you can stop imagining.

Everything you do with email can now be done with faxes.
Keep your faxes coming in, and add the ability to view, forward, and archive them—even print them—right at your desktop – just like an email. Getting your faxes in your email speeds up decision-making and keeps you on top of sales opportunities. It’s the reliable way to increase productivity and customer service.

Receive faxes directly to your computer with Fax-to-Email

Sign up for Fax-to-Email services with Slingshot Technologies

Slingshot Fax-to-Email Features

  • Receive faxes digitally anywhere you access your email.
  • Receive multiple faxes simultaneously - no busy signals.
  • Choose your fax format - PDF or TIFF files.
  • View, print, save, and forward just like emails.
  • Toll-Free Fax-to-Email numbers –No additional charge for toll free numbers and by using a toll-free fax number there are no charges incurred by the sender.
  • Privacy - all faxes are received directly into your email inbox alleviating privacy concerns and meeting compliance requirements.
  • Slingshot is invisible to senders – We are completely transparent.
  • Individual and Corporate pricing available – whether you need one Fax-to-Email box, a hundred, or a thousand. Chose the price structure that is right for you.
  • Consolidated Corporate Billing.

No waiting, and no special equipment required
All you need is an existing email client. Just set up your account and receive your personal Slingshot toll-free fax number, or sign up now to start receiving faxes in your email box. You can choose to receive your faxes as either a PDF or TIFF file attachment.

No more busy signals and delivery receipts you can trust
Expedite time-sensitive communications and meet critical deadlines. Your Fax-to-Email service keeps an audit trail of every received document. In addition, your customers will never receive a busy signal when faxing you information.

Start Saving! Eliminate equipment, extra phone lines and more. Our low monthly fees make it easy to choose Slingshot. Outsourcing to Slingshot’s Fax-to-Email service means no additional hardware, software or phone line costs. All Slingshot Fax-to-Email numbers are toll-free so your customers don’t incur any charges to get important information in your hands.
Click here for a Fax-to-Email demonstration