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   Interactive Voice Response

Service more customers faster and send the right message with Interactive Voice Response (IVR) from Slingshot.

Slingshot Interactive Voice Response (IVR) connects your customers, clients, products, members and subscribers directly to your databases, speaking in the tone and manner you want your business to convey. IVR helps your customers find what they need quickly and simply by delivering information with ease – saving your staff for customers who really need them and ultimately, saving you time and money.

Interactive Voice Recognition helps you reach customers faster

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Can’t get to your customers immediately? IVR technology from Slingshot makes your phone line interactive, so you can speed up customer service – and streamline your business. What do you need? Slingshot Interactive Voice Response can help with:
  • Interactive voicemail systems
  • Survey voicemail systems / Survey hotlines
  • Question and answer voicemail systems
  • Call center forwarding
  • Order placement transactions
  • Selective informational prompts
  • Telephone banking, FAQ’s and business hours
  • Ticket/Reservation booking
  • Lead/Prospect information collection
  • Debt collection
  • Store locators

What is Interactive Voice Response (IVR)?

Interactive Voice Response is an automated telephony system that connects phone callers to relevant information and routes calls to the proper destination. Basically, it’s an interactive voicemail system. Most automated phone systems that provide outbound recorded information and call distribution are using IVR technology. For example, when you check your banking information via phone, reach a poll or survey hotline, or get specific information such as movie or show schedules, you are experiencing IVR technology in action. Interactive Voice Response is even used for call center forwarding, as well as for basic transactional order-taking.

IVR survey hotlines and survey voicemail systems do the legwork for you.
Voice-based IVR survey hotlines provide the immediacy that a written survey lacks. Not only do you avoid postal logistics, but getting customers to mail anything back is nearly impossible and drastically diminishes the results of any survey. IVR from Slingshot lets you implement a complete question and answer voicemail system, allowing you to measure customer satisfaction and employee feedback, conduct product research and political polls, or even pre-screen sales leads, and speak to potential employees or clinical trial participants. And when you’re done, view your data. It’s all compiled quickly and easily so you have the information at your fingertips immediately.

IVR makes automatic routing friendlier and more efficient.
Slingshot Interactive Voice Response applications are customized to meet specific business objectives. Slingshot customers are using IVR technology to provide inbound callers with a convenient method for interacting with their company without waiting on hold. IVR also records and tracks customer information, providing specific outbound information, making communication easier than ever. IVR is the perfect interactive voicemail system to enhance the customer experience and instantly make your business more professional. Slingshot makes the IVR transition an easy one with:

  • Ultra clear voice technology
  • High-speed, high-capacity calling over fiber optic local and long distance networks
  • Function options, including user control and call transfers
  • Use in tandem with voice, fax or Email Broadcasting
  • Online tracking and reporting

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