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   Interactive Voice Response

Deliver — and Gather — Information with Ease!

Slingshot Interactive Voice Response (IVR) marries your customers, clients, members and subscribers directly to your databases. IVR helps them find what they need quickly and helps you deliver information with ease -- saving your staff for customers who really need them.

IVR - Interactive voice response and survery systems

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IVR Speaks to Your Customers in Your Voice
Each IVR solution is built around your customer’s needs, your products and your organization. Deliver —and gather— information through touch-tone responses. Answer FAQ’s, recite business hours, provide schedules, route callers to appropriate live support and much more. Slingshot’s IVR system handles telephone banking, order placement/tracking, caller identification, airline ticket booking, entertainment schedules and practically any form of survey you can imagine.

Bring Your Surveys to Life
Voice-based surveys provide the immediacy that a written survey lacks. Measure customer satisfaction and employee feedback. Conduct product research and political polls. Pre-screen sales leads, potential employees or clinical trial participants. And when you’re done, view your data. It’s compiled real-time.

IVR makes automatic routing friendlier and more efficient.
Each Slingshot IVR application is precisely developed for your business objectives. Slingshot customers are using IVR right now to replace unfriendly outdated caller routing systems that simply create frustration when they should be creating a positive customer experience. Slingshot IVR ends that frustration.

Automate, Qualify, Measure -- The Savings are Very Real
Customers use IVR to perform the time consuming --and expensive-- job of collecting/analyzing real data. Others use it to streamline their customer service procedures -- automating the answers to FAQ's and routing more complicated service needs to real people. In addition, Slingshot provides a toll-free number your customers/ members can use.

Use Slingshot for all your critical communications now…
  • Bank and account balances and transfers
  • Surveys and polls
  • School Closing Notification
  • Prescription Refill Notification
  • Call center forwarding
  • Order entry transactions
  • Order Status
  • Selective information lookup (movie schedules, etc.)
  • Store locators
  • Lead/Prospect Information Collection
When you need to go beyond a recorded message Interactive Voice Response from Slingshot will facilitate two-way communication. Using this service, you can collect responses or deliver specific information that your prospect or customer selects.

Just a few of the Services and Features that Slingshot offers are:
  • Ultra clear voice technology
  • High-speed, high-capacity calling over fiber optic local and long distance networks
  • Function options, including user control and call transfers
  • Use in tandem with Voice Broadcasting
  • On-line tracking and reporting