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About Us

We believe advanced technology is only “advanced” if it’s easy-to-use, consistently reliable, and well supported.

Look at our customers and you are likely to see yourself.

About Slingshot Technologies

We serve business-to-business, business-to-consumer, organizations and busy individuals who want reliable, clear channels of communication with ALL of their customers, members and contacts. You can start with a single service and gradually move to a fully integrated solution that will literally redefine how you communicate as an organization.

Devotion to Our Customers
Slingshot’s emphasis on personal service and customer support has remained central to what we deliver. Our products are used everyday, all-day, and that demands premium customer care.

Our customers drive the evolution of our services. We listen, upgrade and improve. We redesign, simplify and test. The result? You benefit.

Today, our services are more valuable and cost-efficient than ever.

Access to Experts
Slingshot’s team provides decades of industry expertise to help you create new and innovative solutions designed to fit your goals specifically. Customization of a solution is easy.