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Industry Solutions

Slingshot puts fax, email, interactive voice response, and more to work for your industry – like never before!

Industry Solutions provided by Slingshot Technologies

Keep your most valuable audience in front of you.  Our easy-to-use tools change how you send information to —and gather information from— members, customers, contacts, subscribers and clients.

Consolidate all of your communications in a single place – your computer.
Start with just one component or get the value of efficiency by integrating all three right away with a single company. Slingshot’s services are modular – designed to grow with you.

Broadcast faxes and emails directly from your desktop to your personal list of fax numbers and/or email addresses. Direct faxes to your email so they can be viewed, forwarded and archived just like email messages. Email gains true broadcasting abilities with reporting to monitor success rates. Add Interactive Voice Response and put your telephone to work in a way that goes well beyond staying “in touch.” You can do any one of these things individually, or all together with Slingshot.

Meet WEBS, your personal broadcast manager.
WEBS is easy to use, easy to manage and easy to put in the hands of your staff. You won’t need an IT Administrator to make WEBS work for your enterprise. And if you have an IT Administrator, our services will reduce many of the day-to-day issues that waste their valuable time.

WEBS does everything you need – intuitively, simply, completely.
We could talk endlessly about ease-of-use and familiar Windows-style look-and-feel, but it would be easier to just show you.
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See How Your Industry uses Slingshot to Streamline and Strengthen their Communications
Associations/Chambers use Slingshot to increase revenue, bolster member participation, and maintain membership lists. In short, Slingshot helps them communicate more efficiently, more reliably and more cost effectively. Our services deliver event notifications, confirm seminar/conference registrations and send newsletters/press releases in a simple affordable way that you manage over the web. ( back to top )
  • Event Notifications/Updates
  • Press Releases
  • Fund Raising Information
  • Membership Surveys
  • Membership Campaigns
  • Business Card Exchanges
  • Newsletters
  • Promotional Material
  • Membership Registration Forms
  • Update Membership Lists/Database
  • Event Calendars
  • Legislative Updates
Healthcare businesses tap the power of Interactive Voice Response to get valuable feedback and tailor their distribution of information. They use Slingshot to recruit and pre-screen clinical trial candidates with a combination of email and interactive voice response. Product updates to physicians and distributors can be faxed or emailed with responses captured through interactive voice response. So you aren’t simply sending your information out, you’re getting valuable feedback at the same time. 
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  • Physician Updates
  • Press Releases
  • Drug Announcements
  • Patient Surveys
  • Medical Newsletters
  • Training/Educational Notices
  • Physician Profiles
  • Claim Forms
Real Estate firms can immediately fax or email new listings to brokers, agents and buyer prospects or quickly send notice of price reductions to interested parties. ( back to top )
  • Listing Information
  • Customer Surveys
  • Mortgage Rate Information
  • Newsletters
  • Property Information
  • Appointment Confirmations
  • Listing Updates
  • Customer Relationship Communications